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For this year’s edition of Hellfest, I’ve had the honor to discuss with George (guitars) and Stathis (bass guitar) from Lucifer’s Child on their inspirations, their plans and their thoughts. This whole conversation is written down there, I hope you’ll enjoy it!


Radio Metal Sound: Lucifer’s Child is deeply inspired by Wiccan cults, is that right and what is it?

George: We are inspired by the knowledge of the craft, it can be the left hand path or the right hand path. From our experiences, any practice, knowledge and search within this two paths is good. The Wiccan, our first album, is based on the right hand path, Wiccan is paganism let’s say. The Order is another path, it’s based on the left hand path, it’s a dark path. Both albums were created completely freely from ourselves without any boundaries and during the times of creation for The Wiccan or The Order, it came out to be that way, we felt to express ourselves through that path. So there’s no certain… let’s say… pattern, certain things to talk about, we just feel free to speak the tongue of our soul.

Radio Metal Sound: So it’s more like a very free, spiritual paganism.

George: Yes, and the root of all things is paganism.


RMS: Lucifer’s Child is quite young and your sound is not far from the “original” Black Metal. Is it a musical choice and how do you explain it?

George: We started this band to expose our feelings and our ideas the way we want. We started listening and playing this music due to our idols and icons that started years ago, maybe the late 70s or early 80s: Venom Inc., Bathory, Celtic Frost following to Dissection, Mayhem… I don’t think we mix Black Metal with another style, it’s something that comes from our hearts.


RMS: In another interview, you’ve already told the importance you give to live performances. Why do you regard these shows so much and how do you use these life performances to convey your feelings and our wills?

George: The energy that we receive from the audience is like a liquid flame and we are the vessels: it fills up our energy and life. What we do onstage is intense and what we want to transmit to the people who are watching what is going on is very important to be transmitted that way and for us the proper achievement is to see these intense reactions in the faces, the voices and the fists of the people that we are playing that music, to see that what we are doing onstage goes offstage, goes to the people that watches us. When we play a song which is violent and is coming from dark inner searches and when we speak about it we expect the people who are there and watch it to understand it and participate to our concert the way we want to see them. We want to see something intense, we want to see the show we were looking on the tapes of live performances of Venom Inc., Celtic Frost… We want moshpits, people raising their fists and voices. This is the ultimate concert we are able to play, you know.

RMS: So your perfect show is also kind of a return to the roots, like you’ve quoted Bathory right?

George: Yes, this type of show.

Stathis: It is the same for me because it means a lot for us to play this music. We have icons from the 80s, from the 90s and we’re trying to recreate this atmosphere, this is what we like to do.


RMS: Your lyrics mix different influences and languages (Norwegian, Latin…), is it a deliberate choice to create an occult atmosphere or is it a remainder from a long-earned spiritual path?

George: It’s freedom of speech to begin with. I think it would be very poor to describe some things in only one language and certain things can’t be described without the language they’ve been created with. And transmitting the meaning of what we are talking about is very important, in each song. Each subject on our songs is coming from different places, different cultures with different languages. The way of expressing it, it would be very selfish or isolated to be only in English or only in Greek… We are very happy to be free to use every language we’d like to use to expose what we want to say the best way.


RMS: I’ve learnt that you like literature and travelling, how did those two things influence the music of Lucifer’s Child?

George: Well, travelling is meeting other civilizations. Travelling is exchanging cultures and you earn a lot when you’re meeting and knowing what’s going on outside your home, outside of your little box and these experiences is one of the most important I think, when you see outside the box and see, meet, know or study a civilization, other places, the history… Literature is another kind of things that you’re doing when you’re isolated, you’re reading to satisfy your soul, satisy your mind and what you understand is very subjective, each one understands something different when reading a poem, it’s not always the same meaning for everyone. But it’s for sure a big source of inspiration for me because literature and the poems can be as loud as Black Metal.


RMS: The band is young but you’re also experimented musicians, how do you feel on having brought this brand new project up to the biggest scenes of Europa?

George: It’s a great honor to be here for our 13th show.

RMS: Is it only your 13th show?!

George: Yes, only… It couldn’t be better, more satisfying for us to see all this energy from the crowd of Hellfest for our 13th show, reacting like that, like knowing the band for ages. I cannot describe it, the energy was insane, so intense, it reminds me the videos I’ve watched and when I wanted to become like the icons. This is what we feel know.


RMS: Another classic question: what do you plan for the future of Lucifer’s Child?

Stathis: To answer this question, we take a lot courage from this show to carry onto our next plans. For our next plans, we have some gigs that we are trying to plan for the next months or years. We already have a small mini-tour we have booked with another legendary Black Metal band from Greece, Varathron. It’s a three shows mini-tour but we are planning many many other gigs for 2020.

RMS: So if I get it right you’re mainly focusing on the stages by now?

Stathis: Yes exactly, right now this is our plan.


RMS: The last question: how do you feel now that you’ve achieved one of your goals about the Black Metal scene in general, whether it is the Greek scene or this edition of Hellfest?

George: We achieved to satisfy our souls and our memories, this is what we achieved tonight. I don’t know if we’ve achieved something for Black Metal but every show we play, we achieve this. I don’t know if we have much to offer to Black Metal, we might judge after years if we’ve achieved something but for now we’re fucking happy to be here and satisfy our souls that way!



That’s it for this interview with Lucifer’s Child. If you’re interested in listening some good Black Metal from Greece, don’t hesitate to buy their stuff on Bandcamp and to follow them on Facebook!

Par Baptiste - 27/06/2019


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