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For the first anniversary of Through the Void, Above the Suns, I've had the opportunity to talk with the singer of Deadly Carnage and we've discussed about the musical conception of the band, the concept behind the album and even the possible theme of the incoming album!

Radio Metal Sound: Four years have passed between Manthe and Through the Void, Above the Suns, how did the composition process happen during this time?

Deadly Carnage: Actually, there was Chasm EP in vinyl version, in the middle of the process, Chasm was an important chapter of our band, celebrating the 10th year of Deadly Carnage and also, the leaving of our first singer, Marcello.
During the other years, we manage to stay just with 4 members, finding a new band balance, and testing new way of expressions, creating a concept album.
First there was a deep story behind these tracks, we have tried to follow with sounds and emotions what the story had to tell. It was not so easy, many times we decided to destroy, rearrange, rewrite the tracks during the process, until we found full satisfaction and consistency between the beauty of music and the storytelling itself.

Radio Metal Sound: What’s your project with Through the Void, Above the Suns, as an album focused on the universe?

Deadly Carnage: First of all, our goal was to create something that we liked, we appreciate, something enjoyable to play in the stage. Just for ourselves. Something nice to view even in the visuals.
Then, experimenting a new way of music expression, with a new approach. Through the Void, Above the Suns  is what we are, what we are able to do, purely representing the band it that specific moment. We're in constant evolving, and the next work will be an evolution maybe totally different from this album.

RMS: Your songs seem to weave some kind of cosmic spirituality, giving the cosmos a will, a breath and an order. Could you develop this idea?

Deadly Carnage: Personally, this is true, you perfectly match the meaning behind the lyrics I wrote.
I imagined a story where there is a living breathing universe, trying to survive. It creates order, then gravity, so gravity creates nebulae and stars and so on... Stars transmits the data of life through the photons, eventually this data takes root on something more manipulable and creates life, so life can manipulate the cosmos itself. Just like an enormous cell, we have a meaning inside this body, and our task is to observe, our sight can generate multiverses, and let the entropy be every second more distant.
We are the eyes, that universe uses, to watch itself...
To be aware of what it is, trying to find a meaning of surviving, while we search at the same time the meaning of life... and it's very close to my personal philosophy.

RMS: As it’s the only song written in Italian and as it’s been given a video clip, Ifene seems to hold a special place in the album. Is that true, and if so, why?

Deadly Carnage: I personally designed and animate this video clip in a few weeks of work, giving the idea of the full concept of the album. Ifene may seem special because it’s also a summary of the whole album even in music styles, changing frequently through all the influences we have.
Tra Lucenti Ruscelli, cosi distanti da me, scindo il tempo, in aurore
The meaning of the chorus is: "among shining streams, so far from me, I divide the time in auroras"
The listener is now fully immersed in the cosmos, so immersed that is actually between planks of space-time, observing the birth of multiverses, with different variables. As human beings, we have to follow only one path, while the others coexist in different time lines.
Writing a lyric in our mother language is paradoxically more difficult than writing in English sometimes, because Italian words have a different musicality, creating different poems. Something that may sound cool in English is totally ridiculous in Italian.
The title, Ifene, is also an italianization of the English word “hyphen”.

RMS: You describe yourself as a Post-Black/Doom Metal band and promote a barrier-free music. How do you articulate all these genres and inspirations into your freedom of composition?

Deadly Carnage: The answer may be easier than the question itself: we don't get stuck in dead ends.
For our band mates, our feeling is that we do not play a genre, but we tell stories, and stories contain different moods, different actions, different characters… With this I'm not saying that we're not able to interact with genres, but actually we can play with them, with an outside vision as artists and we just still love heavy sounds so far! Can you imagine a movie with a constant audio track that not follows the action of the protagonist? Same music in the romantic scene, same music in the action scene, same in the drama etc... It's dull and it sucks.
So we're totally aware that the genre you described are a compromise to tell at the webzines, reviewers and fans, so they can easily categorize our album, but for us, it's meaningless.

RMS: Sadly, the Italian Black Metal scene is not notorious worldwide (in comparison to the German or Nordic scene), how do you include into this scene and how do you feel about it?

Deadly Carnage: Frankly, I always found myself uncomfortable as person in the circle of Black Metal. We're not hiding our past, we respect others who still play this genre, but there is not so much left to say around these themes.
We found that Post-rock and Post-metal scenarios contain deeper and more valuable thoughts inside, and we're moving towards it.

RMS: Your esthetics and your discography seem to get more and more “pure”, from a harsh Black Metal to a more harmonious and smooth Post-Black/Doom, how do you apprehend this evolution within your career?

Deadly Carnage: If music is a way of expressing ourselves, music changed as we grew as persons. And there's still much to learn.

RMS: It’s been a year since the release of Through the Void, Above the Suns, what do you plan for all time to come?

Deadly Carnage: As I mentioned before, we're in constant evolving, so we're writing new compositions and a new story of course. With Through the Void, Above the Suns we've reached the farthest of the universes, in the future maybe we'll go into the deepest of the seas.

If you like very good Post-black, don't hesitate to support Deadly Carnage on Facebook and on Bandcamp, their work is very good and it's definitely worth it. If you've not seen it already, you can find there the link of their videoclip for Ifene - Gojira's fans will notice the similarities with another clip

Par Baptiste - 24/05/2019