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Interview An Autumn For Crippled Children (English)

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For the publishing of their last album The Light Of September, I've had the chance to talk with the Dutchs of An Autumn For Crippled Children. Far from lifting the veil on the band, their discretion and concise answers grow this mysterious aura of intimacy around their music

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: How do you keep a good balance with all these influences you have (Black metal, Synthwave, Shoegaze…)? 

An Autumn For Crippled Children: We make no conscious decision. We just write/play what feels good to us. We don’t have to answer to anybody else but ourselves. 

Radio Metal Sound: Though the feelings behind your songs are often dark, what shades of feelings bear your composition? 

An Autumn For Crippled Children: Yes it often dark, but there's lots of other things too: nostalgia, melancholy, euphoria, rage, sadness, hope, love and death 

RMS: Which artistic motivation do you carry with An Autumn For Crippled Children

AAFCC: To create music that sort of transmit feelings and thoughts we have unto the world. A selfish form of communication, if you will. 

RMS: Which place do you take regarding this Black Metal scene you're from though your music is way different than “actual” Black Metal? 

AAFCC: We don’t really feel we belong to a certain Black Metal scene. Yes we came from a Black Metal background, but we stop worrying about any scene a long time ago. I get the mix of styles we do is confusing for people who are concerned with genres etc (in my experience young people tend to be that way). Its way better to just let go of those notions and enjoy what’s there. 

RMS: How do you live this contrast between the intimacy of your songs and the publishing and fame of your music?  

AAFCC: By being anonymous… that helps a lot. And not playing live too. 

RMS: Contrary to the precedent albums, the artwork of The Light of September is a clair-obscur inside a house (quite the contrary of skies), which aesthetic do you claim with this album? 

AAFCC: Again, we don’t really think too much about these things. If we see something we like and we think it fits the album/music we just go with it. These old photos of empty, ravaged rooms seem to work with the mood of the album in our opinion. 

RMS: As you say that your songs are “paintings from the skies”, which paintings inspired you most? 

AAFCC: We are no paintings connoisseurs or other art for that matter, music is our obsession. 

RMS: What do you plan with An Autumn For Crippled Children

AAFCC: There are re-issues planned this year. There's a compilation LP coming with all the digital EP's. We have another EP planned, plus a new record in 2020.

If you wanna explore the discogrpahy of the band, feel free to buy the albums on Bandcamp and to follow An Autumn For Crippled Children on Facebook to be aware of their future releases. 

Par Baptiste - 11/04/2019


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