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On November’s end, I’ve been able to talk with Jori Apedaile, mastermind of the Atmospheric Black Metal band Eneferens, about his last release The Bleakness of Our Constant

Radio Metal Sound: How do you create an album? Do you conceive it as a whole piece or do you compose the songs one by one? 

Eneferens: Each song emerges from a different place in time and headspace. Thus far, I haven’t begun writing an album with one central concept or theme but rather craft one song at a time. It’s been interesting to see how they work together as an album, but I think that the creation of one song definitely influences the next so there is cohesion within the writing process. 

Radio Metal Sound: Do you think that your complete commitment (music, artwork, mixing…) is necessary to create a music which is yours? 

Eneferens: With this project, absolutely. I left a couple of bands in 2015 to focus solely on my own culmination of skills, and Eneferens is the result of that. It is such a personal project, I don’t really think I could have it any other way. I attended college for audio engineering, so it makes sense that I should just do everything from the ground up myself. It’s allowed me to learn a lot and grow as a musician, engineer and an artist. 

RMS: How did you organize your work among all these fields? 

Eneferens: It’s a very streamlined process. I do everything in phases – writing, recording, mixing/mastering, then I look back on it as a whole and conceptualize the artwork. I make progress charts for the whole process and that motivates me and keeps me organized. 

RMS: You’ve made a cover of Ecailles de Lune and we can feel that Alcest has had a strong influence on you. However, how do you distinguish your work from your influences? 

Eneferens: Alcest has been a favorite of mine for many years. At this point in time, I do believe that I am coming into my own sound and that the music isn’t necessarily a direct result of my influences. Especially for the new record, some of the biggest influences I’ve had lately aren’t necessarily metal bands at all, but rather music of many varieties that evoke specific emotion that resonates with me. I take those feelings from the music more than anything and it translates into my sound. 

RMS: The runic symbols on the artwork and the theme of your album suggest a strong interiority? However, how do you keep a balance between the intimacy of feelings and the ostentation of publishing?  

Eneferens: The sigil on the front cover to me means a delicate balance or stasis, and it’s held together by a fine line. It is quite vulnerable to release the intimate and vulnerable feelings that come through in the music and art, but I haven’t really been swayed by the expectations of publishing. I try my best to make sure everything is exactly what it needs to be. There hasn’t been too much compromise with that, for which I am grateful. 

RMS: Eneferens allies forest topics and spirituality. Therefore, may we consider your music as a romantic work? And has there been any author who has influenced your world view? 

Eneferens: I would absolutely call Eneferens a romantic project. I don’t know if spirituality is the right word, but perhaps just a deep appreciation for beauty in life and nature. Alan Watts’s philosophies and discussions have a significant influence on me in the last couple of years. 

RMS: How do you combine spirituality and Black Metal (which has often been against spirituality)? 

Eneferens: The whole approach with Eneferens is to make beautiful and dynamic music, so it comes with little effort to combine soft and flowing passages with the intensity and edge of black metal. I think the balance is very important. It reflects the grandeur of nature, which is very dynamic and is the basis for any spiritual sense that I feel. 

RMS: What can we expect from Eneferens in the future? 

Eneferens: More shows, a new record already in the works, and hopefully new opportunities for bigger things! 

That’s it for this penultimate interview of 2018. Don’t hesitate to follow Eneferens on Bandcamp or on Facebook to be aware of its development and to buy some merch’ or CDs

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